Vou usar um tubo em pvc, daqueles que se usam para os esgotos, e duas embalagens de detergente. Mais pormenores serão desvendados quando a coisa estiver pronta.


2 thoughts on “Ideia

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  2. Marek diz:

    I used to really like Moleskien jounrals, mostly because they were so versatile and utlititarian in design. I could use it for virtually any purpose or circumstance. Now, with all of the passions jounrals, backpacks, trapperkeepers, pens and pencils, cup holderd and beer cozies, this idea of simplicity and versatility has been lost. The journal has become so over-branded that the whole thing has just become a big joke. I’m not sure who is to blame for any of this though; the company which is trying desperately to squeeze everly last nickle and dime they can from a simple idea, or the public which will buy anything as long as it’s expensive and has Moleskine stamped on it.

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